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Roles & Responsibilities

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Defining Roles and Responsibilities - Cerius Executives




The ones chosen for such office should be members that are already in position and have already demonstrated that they are trustworthy and consistent. It will be important for them to be known from at least a majority of the board of elders of the Resurrection Center in order for the board to make an informed decision concerning their appointment at a deaconship level.

 The members considered to deaconship must accept the position of deaconship in order for them to be considered part of the team of deacons.

 At least one yearly ceremony will take place where we renew, appoint and release deacons in our church, through the laying on of hands from the elders.  A yearly basis gives us ample time to examine our candidates: “Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined”.  There may be cases when a deacon/deaconess will be appointed before the next yearly renewal.



 Deacons will be assigned to an appropriate team and will function in a team leader position (if not already assigned).  This team leader position will be decided based on a gift and passion test, and possibly even on an interim basis as the need may arise. An Elder will work with the candidate to discern their gift, passion, purpose and calling.


Below are some areas that the Resurrection Center deaconship will be responsible for:


Deacons/Team Leaders will:


  1. Lead their teams according to the Resurrection Center’s core values in order to fulfil each of the teams Vision & Purpose statements.
  2. Use their specific gifting to: Lead, Exhort, Encourage, Recruit, Counsel & Train each other within the team, according to their God given gifts and abilities.
  3. Share the Resurrection Center Vision & Purpose Statements, and encourage all saints to adhere to the Resurrection Centers 5 step process. The question that should be regularly posed by Deacons to others: “Where are you in the Resurrection Center’s Process?”
  4. Be active in prayer meetings
  5. Be called upon to visit the sick and others in need within their teams
  6. Actively participate in Connect Groups
  7. Be active in our big events
  8. Serve communion when requested
  9. Be present during our leadership meetings
  10. Assist the elders in the work of the ministry
  11. Be able to counsel or direct members to receive counsel
  12. Work under the leadership of the administrative deacon of their team (if the deacon/deaconess themselves are not the team administrators)




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